What are Socks Materials-Complete Guide

Different regions have different requirements for socks materials, but we can always satisfy you.

Not everyone knows what’s behind good quality socks. Yarns ,which primarily consist of socks.There are a massive bunch of yarns used for producing colorful socks.For simple style ,one or two colour spun into yarn at the same time. The yarn comes into big spools of yarn.Surely, a multitude of high-quality socks then completely need some various threads into different interlocking loops series,which is more complicated.Knowing these yarns are relatively difficult, even for those in the socks industry. However, this page will provide you with an easy and quick guide about sock .

First of all, you need to know 6 kinds of yarns,because over 93% of the socks are manufactured using these six materials. It’s believed that a man who is confusing you with something is tricking you.

(six main material)

Cotton–A soft, natural fiber ,which is the most common from cotton plant. It’s breathable and strong.

Polyester–The most-used synthetic fiber.The best advantage of it is washable and resistant to wrinkles.

Nylon– A more elastic material, which is stronger while weighs less.

Spandex–A more durable fiber, resisting to your body oils,which can be stretched over 500% without breaking.

Wool–A original easy care fiber, and naturally has wrinkle resistance.Wool keep your feet dry and warm since it breathes with your body.

Bamboo–A softer material than cotton,but very durable,which seems like silk.

(six kinds of cotton)

  • Organic cotton– No fertilizer and non-genetically modified plants, organicis the best!
  • Mercerized cotton– Mercerized cottonis material after undergoing an additionalprocesses to provide great luster and upgrade its softness to the yarn and to intensify dyed colors.
  • Combed cotton–Cotton treated further to remove short fibers and impurities. The cotton is literally combed,in order tolast long, straight . Combed cotton feel softer against your skin. Generally, combed cotton is more expensive than regular cotton.
  • Modal cotton–The combination of cotton and modal, a type of rayon made from beech fiber, feels silky.

Sock Printing

different types of wool

  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Alphca
  • Rabbit

Sheep wool are mostly used in the four types of wool.The most expensive is sheep wool and price goes higher from sheep wool to rabbit wool, however, the quality of wool is not depended by the price,but typically determined by the length and diameter of fibers.

Longer and finer fibers make socks warmer and softer. Also, wool is odor resistant since it’s naturally anti-microbial,.Thus.due to its excellent properties, people will take you to pay more for wool socks.

  1. Attention please: Now youjust know the basic 6 yarns in socks producing , but sock business doesn’t just contain them of all, actually common socks are usually made up of many process: knitting ,sewing,designing and so on.
  2. Please also note:  touching and sensingis the best way for learning about sock yarn materials .You can’t tell about which is good or which one is bound to weed out only by seeing the pictures.but once you touch the fabric yourself, you can make a difference among many socks. Welcome to contract with us and then visit our socks factory so that you have the chance to touch the yarns yourself. You can definitely have an idea in a local yarn market, too.
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