The Best Eyeglasses Manufacturers in China and How to Source Them-Complete Guide

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It seems difficult that finding a right manufacturer to produce eyewear , but it doesn’t always to be so.Here are a few ways you can follow up to seek your unique  supplier,and we’ve compiled some of the best here.

It’s said that the main reason people seldom manufacture eyewear in China is that they don’t know how to find the proper manufacturer for the eyewear they require. They may be concerned about quality, payment procedures, social compliance,the price of each piece, etc. and rightly so.However, these worryings are easily to control once you know what you are looking for.With the developing of technology, China manufacturing tends to be highly concentrated on limited regions for specific products,for instance, you will find all the tools and electronics you could ever need in Guangzhou , but for steel pipes, you’d probably should go to Wuhan.Such the same principle applies for eyewear.

In China ,Wenzhou and Dongguan are generally two big regions that produce eyewear. Unfortunately, you can’t just go broad to China around hoping to find a factory whose productions are you really needed.For all of these, we will  recommend that it’s important for you to do some research first before you ordering and then plan your trip accordingly. After doing all the preparation, let’s look at the following points for finding the best factories to produce your eyewear:

Tradeshows – It’s said arguably the most efficient way to find an eyewear factory in China an it is to attend an eyewear trade show. Google the shows foe ready and be sure to look for shows having factories exhibiting. Some good trade shows are:

Alibaba – They started out as, and still are, one of the best resources to find factories all around the world. You would better to spend time reading the different regulations varied from a company to another in order to get more real information about productions and its price. What’s more, you can order samples for quality testing.

QC Companies

there are many quality inspection companies, which works with eyewear manufacturers all day every day. The kind of company that is willing to share reliable supplier information with you has the key to having some of the most valuable information you need. In addition to this information, you can use a reliable third-party QC company to verify the quality of your glasses.

Once you are a finalist for a possible manufacturer, you need to verify that they are indeed what you are looking for.

The 13 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Any Potential Eyewear Manufacturer in China

What are the payment terms and are they negotiable?

  1. On average, you will be required to pay 30% deposit in advance and 70% delivery or BOL, but be sure to resolve it from the start to make sure they don’t try to take advantage of you and ask for a prepayment.
  2. What will the total cost of my order be?

    Be sure to ask for “other” fees or “hidden fees”, ie freight, fuel surcharges, return restocking fees. Don’t shyly push this home if you can hide any signs of cost.
  3. Can you provide us with a Liability certificate?

    The supplier provides written proof that they have sufficient liability insurance if the product or its components fail or become damaged.
  4. Will my designs or specific eyewear brand be produced only for me?

    You can confirm with the manufacturers that your product must onlybe produced for you.If they would be willing to sign an NCND to admit they promise not to sell to other users,which is reliable.  If they refuse to sign, they are likely willing to play ball and you should consider
  5. What happens if delivery is delayed or doesn’t arrive?

    This needs to be clearly defined to prevent your goods from being placed in the back seat, as they will work on larger orders before you go out. If you have reached an agreement, they are more likely to keep your order moving forward and then focus on other potentially larger orders.
  6. Under what circumstances might the pricing change, and what will the warnings be? How early would I be notified?

    In order to avoid unexpected inflation of prices, you must agree on a set price and keep the price still in a level unless the circumstances change.
  7. Do you have volume rebate, and if we go into larger quantities what will my discounts and/or incentives be?

    Every companies have their own rules about the discount.If your order has increased and you need a large quantities ofglasses, you need to know which discount you are eligible for.
  8. When do I take ownership of the products?

    You need time to check your glasses and make sure they are in perfect condition. Please review the 3-5 day inspection terms agreed with the supplier or contact the quality inspection company that can answer these questions.
  9. Is the manufacturer, in fact, a manufacturer?

    Make surethat they are an OEM/Manufacturer, but not a redistributor for other factories.
  10. Will you be able to provide us with a copy of your business license and all certificates of conformity and quality related certification, i.e. ISO certification?

    Before you do business with them, you need to know what kind of production these plants are doing. Clarify which certification is required for the area you will distribute/sell in advance.
  11. What kind of quality control systems do you have in place?

    Check them to confirm that whether they have an international quality accreditation.Check with the authorization organization.
  12. What are your manufacturing capabilities, quantities, surplus production per month/year, and can this be increased and what timeframe if required?

    It is worthy to knowing sinceonce your company starts you need to know what limitations there could be about your production volumes.
  13. Is the manufacturer a reputable business in the industry and do they protect clients’ intellectual property?

    It’s good for you to take advantage of this.You should carefully check with industry bodies,customers and suppliers to do some research for finding information about the company’s reputation.

Spend time , do research properly and use the tools ,and you’ll be sure to find the best eyewear manufacturers in China.

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