Match Pantone Colors in your Sock Deisgn- Complete Guide

The color card helps us to ensure the accuracy of the color.

It’s known to us all that the most important process in custom socks manufacturing is Color accuracy.We advice our clients to use Pantone TCX colors in order to make certainty that all the socks produced are in the same color.reference,.The Pantone TCX colors is a brochure designed by Pantone LLC for industrial use, especially for cotton yarn and fiber.There are many other pantone matching systems such as pantone C, Pantone U which are designed for printings on coated and uncoated apers.

In this page, we will show how to match pantone tcx colors for  sock design step by step.Go reading.

3 ways you can have a try to find pantone tcx colors for your best design:

  1. Purchase a pantone cotton passport (FHIC200).
  2. Use Pantone color manager (free if you purchase a pantone color passport).
  3. Match pantone tcx colors using online free official tools.


Just easily go to (a website) and you can buy directly from there. Because screen display subjected by its pixel can hardly guarantee color accuracy,you are liable to buy a  Pantone TCX colors after landing the website.


You can use pantone color manager to access over 10,000 Colors for usage in Adobe® design programs. However, please remember that pantone tcx color reference contains only 2310 colors. So while you don’t have a cotton passport at hand simply .You can check out the videos on Pantone Youtube Channel for a quick guide on how to use pantone color manager:


1,When it comes to tools,color finder is an official tool for you to take up proper pantone colors,.But there is one thing you should attention that the digital color simulations will vary from different screens and it will not match the physical Pantone Color Standards. What’s more, if you have a pantone color code but don’t know how to use it correctly on screen, you can find the color here using the code.

2.While you are in the color-finder page, your can select color in the left side and then click “SUBMIT”. For instant ,I find the light blue(see pic below) fits my design well and I want to find the Pantone TCX color of it to ensure color accuracy.

3. Scroll down the page to section “Fashion and Interior Designers”

There are 3 section in the results page:

  • Graphic Designers;
  • Fashion and Interior Designers;
  • Industrial Designers;

The only thing we should do is to select TCX colors in the “Fashion and Interior Designers” section, the other 2 sections are not for cotton industry.


In brief ,we should have pretty much knowledge how to specify and match pantone tcx colors for your sock designs, now copy the colors into your sock design then download files so that you can dye the yarn into correct colors, cheers!

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