How to Start a Socks Business-Complete Guide

When you read this article, you believe you are interested in the sock business.

First of all, you should keep in mind that a stocks business is bound to make money through continous sales and costs.Let’s look though a sock company analysis.

1.This article is suitable for you,if you really want to run a stocks company.

2.This article also works for you, if you want to establish a online stock brand but in considering that you don’t have the advantage of ‘Natural local store ’, and you don’t have to spend money decorating your store either.

3.We use a business strategy called ‘TTPPRC’ to reveal the analysis,which will add a footnote in the following to ensure you get further information.


Knowing the trend of socks business
Getting traffic for your socks store
Packaging socks then decorate off-line store
Always in strict with products
Get more revisit (You can get some feedback bad or good from questionnaire ,and it’s more easily to do business with existing customers )


Renting fees for your store networks

Marketing and advertising fees

Manufacturing costs

Socks is another way to show people’s difference and preference in daily life.Like teenagers need to be identified ,people use socks as an alternation of clothes.

People are dizzy with those black or white classic socks, they need something new,which is more bright more alluring.

If your store is open to the streets,you actually will get natural traffic,which seems as one of your advantages, but do keep in mind that, you have to pay for the rents. In these stores you will carry out some promotions ,by doing this ,your performance won’t be so bad in the first early months after establishment.

When you want to pursue more traffic to come gradually, the most important thing you should do is “brand awareness” , you should publish advertisements in facebook,instagram and so on, where you can target to a very explicit audience to make sense of more details about your brand and get more brand popularity in the same time, you can also offer discounts or whatever appealing methods in order to appeal people to engage in your network accounts, thus target to more potential audience.

Sock Printing

when you when you want to run local store networks,packaging is also important. Decorations may something appeal further attention, customers are willing to step into your store if they like the style of stores , otherwise they will just walk away.

Many business called Dropshipping launch a lot of websites which are good-looking and publish ads on facebook and instagram to target audiences who interesting in their products.If the customers purchase  ,the company will then order from Chinese shopping platforms (like Aliexpress and Dhgate) to ship goods directly to their customers.

Always remember the quality of your products, and always keep a solid relationship with your manufacturers who apply goods in a very lower price to you. Money matters but it doesn’t means everything, you should establish a responsible relationship with your manufacturer. While communicating.,you will have feel about this feelings.If you think it necessary that fly to China and have a face-to-face meet with the manager+sales representative,you can do so.

Socks subscriptions ,whether it’s a month, a season, or annualy cooperation ),are highly recommended, which helps you estimate your sales,and plan which we will be sold quickly in the fastest time.

Memberships matters.Ask your customers to do some advice ,  so that you will receives feetback at first time and then give promotions to your members , small gifts giveaways are also applicable too.

This is the legal aspect and you must know everything about the local commercial conditions.

If you are starting an online store business, you should consider the cost of creating a socks website here.

In terms of ads, facebook ads are most recommended, surely you can try Google ads too.

There are many things in the big business of socks so I choose to make it short here: Socks Manufacturing is just a small part of the whole line of business, many Chinese manufacturers will complain at earning low manufacturing fees, but they didn’t realize the importers are spending much more time in planning, executing, and sustaining the business. So, everybody gets his own share, which is enough.

You may be curious about the exact price of socks produced, but there is no specific figure, as it varies with the quantity, style and yarn you choose. But here’s an example:

When a customer order 2000 pairs of socks,a European manufacturer may charge you $5 or more per unit,however ,in China you can buy it at $1-2, or less.

In brief, you will need make the following prepared to run socks business:

  • Check our blog,and there will have a post about the budget
  • If you are not good in designing,find some specialist to do these .(PS: we sagemoda also provides designing service)
  • You can make Marketing strategyby your own。
  • Hope you will contact me !
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