How to repair scratches on plastic glasses and lenses-Complete Guide

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Eyeglass lenses are usually made of glass, polycarbonate and plastic, and plastic is the most popular choice for these three lenses. Plastic lenses are not only cheaper than other lenses, but also lightweight and impact resistant. But the big corruption is that plastic lenses are more likely to be scratched, and those scratches may make those who pursue their own items look annoying. This article will talk about it soon. That is, if the scratches are small and unnoticeable, you can treat them at home without replacing the lenses.

Step 1

Use a white grease pen to mark the scratches on the lens surface .Then fill in the scratches. Use a suede cloth to polish the lenses and remove the excess products.

Step 2

A glass etch product is applied to the lens with a cloth. Place the product on the lens for a while and then rinse it off. The glass etch remover removes the anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating on the lens, which is where most scratches are and does not affect the plastic under the lens. If you want to keep these coatings, don’t try this method.

Step 3

The lens is waxed using a wood polishing product such as a lemon pad. Wipe the product with a soft cloth (must be soft) for about three minutes. Then rinse, then dry. You may need to reapply once a week.

Things You’ll Need

1. Glass etching product

  1. Furniture polish or wax
  2. White grease pencil
  3. Chamois clot


Place your eyeglasses in a suitable case ,or you can wrap them in a soft cloth to prevent another scratches.

How to Care for Transition Lenses

When worn outdoors, the photochromic spectacle lens becomes darker, eliminating the need for sunglasses or clips. Many companies offer color-changing lenses, but the technology behind the most popular brands is Transitions Optical, Inc. Owned, according to Gary Heiting, O.D. An article in his website All About Vision. Clean transition lenses, whether by Transitions Optical, Inc. Manufacturing, or general-purpose photochromic lenses produced by other manufacturers, require extra attention.

Rinse the transition lens by rinsing a gentle stream of water from the faucet and flushing off any dust. Gently shake the water.

Dry the lens with an optical lens cloth. Do not wipe or wipe the lens as this will scratch the lens.

Apply a mild detergent to your fingertips. Wet the lens and gently wipe it with the tip of the soap to remove grease, fingerprints and anything else that might not be washed out. Rinse the soap and dry the lens.

Things You’ll Need


Optical lens cloth

Mild dish soap

Eyeglass case


Place your transitions lens eyeglasses in an eyeglass case when you are not wearing ,if not, eyeglass may suffer from other scratches.


Never clean your transition lenses with window cleaner which can damage the coating irreversible.

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