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How to Import Sunglasses From China -Complete Guide

Do you have knowledge about importing quality sunglasses from China ever? Well this quick guide will tell you everything you MUST know about China’s  importing sunglasses. For the first time when you look through importing eyewear from China,you will find many serious questions that need answering i.e. How do I found a good manufacturer? How can […]

Private Label Eyewear – Complete Guide

Prospects of Glasses Industry Nowdays, buyers are keep close connections with Private label eyewear and in-house brands . So whether it is a lucrative business prospect or a fool’s errand? Who knows? We show somethings about private label, but you is supported to decide for yourself after taking a look at the facts in the following . Companies all around the […]

The Best Eyeglasses Manufacturers in China and How to Source Them-Complete Guide

We can customize private-label socks for you. It seems difficult that finding a right manufacturer to produce eyewear , but it doesn’t always to be so.Here are a few ways you can follow up to seek your unique  supplier,and we’ve compiled some of the best here. It’s said that the main reason people seldom manufacture eyewear in China is that they don’t know […]

How to Paint Eyeglass Frames-Complete Guide

You can paint your own eye frame Nowdays, more and more people begin Painting their own eyeglass frames ,by doing this,they can express themselves as an individual in a creative way.This is regarded as an unique way to show their attitude about life.Surely,in order to do so, you simply need to make certain preparations, choose the proper applications, and use […]


The first thing to tell you is that you can definitely clean your glasses. For many years, I’m used to contacts and glasses when the DIY Lasik is not invented.However,after wearing glasses routinely for a long time , it drives me completely crazy how dirty they get. And after going through a box of eyeglass cleaner wipes it occurred […]

Match Pantone Colors in your Sock Deisgn- Complete Guide

The color card helps us to ensure the accuracy of the color. It’s known to us all that the most important process in custom socks manufacturing is Color accuracy.We advice our clients to use Pantone TCX colors in order to make certainty that all the socks produced are in the same color.reference,.The Pantone TCX colors is a brochure designed […]

Various processes used in designing Socks by BSCI certified socks factory

We can customize private-label socks for you. Socks have increasingly become a new style which equal to clothing industry as an integral part across the world. They are dedicated in their functionality to simply protect the feet,but they also pursue a clear fashion statement. More manufacturers are now focusing on radical design concepts in socks including the usage of striking colors, patterns, pop culture […]

What are Socks Materials-Complete Guide

Different regions have different requirements for socks materials, but we can always satisfy you. Not everyone knows what’s behind good quality socks. Yarns ,which primarily consist of socks.There are a massive bunch of yarns used for producing colorful socks.For simple style ,one or two colour spun into yarn at the same time. The yarn comes into big […]

Sock factory certified by BSCI: Socks Production Process

Standardization of production process of sock factory certified by BSCI Those who really wanted to know the step by step process on sock production then run his own business of socks will raise a very common question–How are socks made? It’s known to us all that socks are regarded to be one of the most essential items […]