Our Story
Jiangxi Ruida Shangdian Garment Co., Ltd. is a cross-border e-commerce company established by Yiwu Ningmeng Import and Export Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi. It has a mature product supply chain and a good capital chain and is determined to build a first-class cross-border e-commerce service and sales platform.


As a manufacturer, we provide designers with new ideas to promote their work; as an ODM, we participate in product development from the planning stage to help provide high quality and precision knitting products for domestic and foreign markets. Our versatile workforce consists of experienced and experienced workers who apply their skills not only to yarns and knitted textiles but also to make ideas in areas such as product planning.


Based on the needs of our customers, we are committed to fully fulfilling our customers’ expectations. To achieve this goal, we offer custom designs that allow our customers to demand products that meet their personal preferences and characteristics. Before production, consumers are free to express their thoughts on product design and their special requirements for the product. Then we went to computer-aided design to create artwork before sampling. After the sample is completed, we will seek customer feedback for further modification. Once the design and pre-production samples are approved in terms of technology and quality, mass production can begin to meet market needs.


Our products meet the internationally recognized socks industry standards.